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Joyman533 Moderator Application Empty Joyman533 Moderator Application

Post  ITS_ME_Joyman533 on Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:47 pm


Why do you want to be mod?
I would like to be a mod, so I could be able to better help other players who need it. Also, I would like to help manage the server, and also it would be nice to understand more of the technical side of Minecraft.

Would you interrupt your building to help a player in need?

What are some new ideas you will bring to our server?
I already have made Redstone contraptions, Pixelarts, and a few Funparks. I plan to make much more with Redstone (especially with Tripwires in 1.3), and I plan to greatly improve my Funparks, so that they include Pixel arts, and much more.

How long have you played Minecraft?
I have played Minecraft since October 2011, which was Beta 1.7.3.

How familiar are you with commands (i.e. hawkeye, worldedit, mcbans, etc.)?
I am fine with hawkeye and mcbans. I have recently taken up the task of learning advanced WorldEdit, and I am decent at the commands I have learned so far. (Ex: //set //replace //pyramid //sphere //drain etc.)

How long are you willing to spend on Minecraft on a weekly basis?
Every day I play about 3-4 hours, so in a week I would be willing to spend about 18-23 hours.

Age (not req.)?

Greatest accomplishment in Minecraft?
My greatest accomplishment in Minecraft would have to be making a world with 50+ pixel arts in single player.

Previous server experience?
I have played on Minecraftia, a survival server which shut down, and I also occasionally play on a Tekkit server.

What is the biggest problem with most servers (not req.)?
Most servers have laggy spawns/ main buildings. Also, it's a bit annoying with some servers where you have to wait 10 seconds to teleport somewhere.

Current math course (not req. Gives us a lot of information though)
When the school year begins, I will be taking Geometry.


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Joyman533 Moderator Application Empty Re: Joyman533 Moderator Application

Post  MaxisCraft on Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:52 pm


Your application was great, but I still need to discuss this with the other admins. Your application is accepted and you are put on the waitlist. If all the admins agree that you deserve moderator, then we will promote you.



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