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Post  alongo1994 on Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:41 am

IGN: alongo1994

Why do you want to be mod?
I would like to be a mod because im good at helping people and i enjoy the server very much, im fair and reasonable and i wont abuse the power involved with getting the mod rank

Would you interrupt your building to help a player in need?
Yes. ive done it before and i would do it again. i like helping people and spreading ideas for builds.

What are some new ideas you will bring to our server?
maybe a new survival world with no restrictions on blocks or lava, and WITH THE NETHER. that pisses me off that the survival
world doesnt have that.

How long have you played Minecraft?
Ive played mc since early beta, before 1.6.6. at least. i watched my bro play since alpha. im familiar to all the blocks and features the game has to offer

How familiar are you with commands (i.e. hawkeye, worldedit, mcbans, etc.)?
Not very, i used a few with a mod i had on single player but other than that not much. im a quick learner tho and it wont take me long
to learn.

How long are you willing to spend on Minecraft on a weekly basis?
i play with crazydotz23 almost every night for about 4-5 hours so around like 20-25 hours a week

Age (not req.)?
im 17 years old, 18 this september

Greatest accomplishment in Minecraft?
my greatest accomplishment on the server is my current home in the survival world, it has a farm, mine, and a gravesite and a lake to fish.
if not that me and crazydotz23 built a large rollercoaster in creative and near there is a floating residence with trees and a house and a small pond and such. (the rollercoaster is what got me the rank of Architect)

Previous server experience?
I ve been on torchcraft most of the summer, before Torch ive never stuck with one for more than a few days. and i also only play on torch

What is the biggest problem with most servers (not req.)?
the biggest problem with servers is assholes and griefers, neither of which are on torchcraft

Current math course (not req. Gives us a lot of information though)?
i passed second level algebra (a junior class) and so im not terrible with numbers. and that includes geometry as well


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