Red said I could submit again...

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Red said I could submit again... Empty Red said I could submit again...

Post  aksteppa on Sat Jul 07, 2012 4:17 pm


Why do you want to be mod? Well it seems fun, and using more commands will be challenging and interesting. I mean who wouldn't want to be a Mod? I am good at helping people, and I know the server quite well now. Also I know the people quite well.

Would you interrupt your building to help a player in need? Yes, I have before, the players always come first. I dont know what else to say on this subject.

What are some new ideas you will bring to our server? A zombie city where you have to survive. The zombies randomly spawn and there can be a shop to buy weapons and house etc. from. Also I would like to make a mob arena, this would bring fun to the server and would be a way to earn money.

How long have you played Minecraft? I have played for about two years.

How familiar are you with commands (i.e. hawkeye, worldedit, mcbans, etc.)? I can use hawk tool, and mcbans (for griefing /ban (name) g griefing hawk eye proven) I have never used world edit, so I need to learn how to do that, and I am good at world guard.

How long are you willing to spend on Minecraft on a weekly basis? I'm only allowed on at weekends so I play then, sorry.

Age (not req.)? Sorry not saying, i'll private message you if you want to know.

Greatest accomplishment in Minecraft? Becoming a helper in one week Very Happy And maybe building mansions for people and giving things away in survival.

Previous server experience? I have played on many servers, on tekkit and minecraft. I used to play on Cowpi, but that server wasn't as good as torchcraft, so I stopped.

What is the biggest problem with most servers (not req.)? Griefing, and no way to undo it.

Current math course (not req. Gives us a lot of information though)? I dont know, sorry.


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