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Post  omgsqueaker on Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:16 am

Why do you want to be mod?

I would like to become a a Moderator to help out around our server, become better socially with the current moderators, and also manage Torchcraft and make sure its running how it should and must be.

Would you interrupt your building to help a player in need?

I would surely help out anyone in need, especially Builders, Headbuilders, and Architects.

What are some new ideas you will bring to our server?

I can bring many new i ideas to Torchcraft like PixelArts, Redstone contraptions, Also amazing and creative houses, arenas such as hungergames, and spleef.

How long have you played Minecraft?

I've been playing minecraft since early 2010, so for about 2 and a half years.

How familiar are you with commands (i.e. hawkeye, worldedit, mcbans, etc.)?

I'm very familiar with many commands especially worldedit, mcbans, and hawkeye. I will obviously study more commands once i become moderator and i am granted permission to them.

How long are you willing to spend on Minecraft on a weekly basis?

I'm always on Minecraft about 3 and a half hours daily. I'm on from when there are 3 people on the server, all the way to 15 people on the server. I'm especially on during weekends.

Age (not req.)?

I'm currently 15.

Greatest accomplishment in Minecraft?

My greatest accomplishments on minecraft would have to be mastering redstone, becoming Moderator on about 4 other servers. Ive also build all the seven wonder of the world on minecraft (On Singleplayer).

Previous server experience?

(Read under accomplishments)

What is the biggest problem with most servers (not req.)?

The most common problem with minecraft servers are not enough people, not enough builders, not enough helpers, also no enough recognition.

Current math course (not req. Gives us a lot of information though)?

As a Freshman i took the highest level in my grade, that was Geometry. But starting this year (As a Sophomore) I will take Algebra 2.


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Moderator Application Format Empty Re: Moderator Application Format

Post  MaxisCraft on Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:18 am

Application Accepted


There were almost no mistakes and the answers were very complete. Congratulations, welcome to the moderating staff! lol!

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