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Post  maddog3215 on Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:07 am

Why do you want to be mod? I want to be a mod because i get to help and i get to communicate with the public more [as in the server]

Would you interrupt your building to help a player in need? I will help others if the player need helps. I'll stop anything that i am doing to help the player

What are some new ideas you will bring to our server? I have a lot of ideas that can make the server a bigger and better server.

How long have you played Minecraft? I have played minecraft since 1.7

How familiar are you with commands (i.e. hawkeye, worldedit, mcbans, etc.)? I am familiar with world edit and mcbans but if someone teach me how to use hawkeye ill understand and ill be able to use it.

How long are you willing to spend on Minecraft on a weekly basis? I'll spend more than 2hrs on the server

Age (not req.)? maddog3215[boy]: 15 maddog3215 [girl]:12

Greatest accomplishment in Minecraft? Building a big building and making me get the promotion

Previous server experience? I have learned that making big buildings can promo u to high ranks

What is the biggest problem with most servers (not req.)? Most server always lag like hell and once i came to this server i was really happy proud

Current math course (not req. Gives us a lot of information though)? what is this?


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Post  MaxisCraft on Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:10 am

Application Rejected

This is one of the best applications that I have seen thus far! Still the answers were a bit short. I really encourage you to apply again in a few weeks! You could get mod.

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