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Post  Dogmaster78 on Sat Jul 28, 2012 2:55 am

Hi Im dogmaster78 and I would love to be mod for torchcraft

I want to be mod to have more power and to help others.
I would interupt anything to help my peers. They are more important and their needs are probally better then mine.
My new ideas would be maybe a mob arena or some fighting arena.
I have played minecarft for years probally but I used to play on cracked version so only got my new license 6 months ago.
I have my own server so I am familiar with lots of commands with world edit and banning.
I go on minecraft about everyday for 3 hours.
My greatest accomplishment im minecraft would be my learning stages with redstone and how ive learnt sooo much.
Yes I do have alot of server experience
The biggest problem is hackers and griefers who ruin everything.

Please make me mod on this server so i can help the needly and make this world a better place!!!
- Dogmaster78


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